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Front Brake Light

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 posted by mattadmin

Just a thought for all you automotive engineers out there… why not put a brake light indicator on the front of the vehicle instead of just the back? Brake lights have always been traditionally placed in the rear of a vehicle on the left and right (sometimes in the center as well). It’s time to think Brake Lights 2.0 so more information can be shared with other drivers on the road. If Kitt can have a red light in the grill, why can’t we all?

More as been done with the turn signal in recent years than with the brake light. Many vehicles include the turn indicators in the side mirrors.

Consider some scenarios…

1. Your stopped or braking quickly and while doing so you check your rear view mirror to make sure the driver behind you is slowing down, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. Are they braking? Are they slowing down fast enough to avoid collision?

2. Your getting ready to make a left turn from a side street and someone has their right blinker on to make a turn. Are they turning here or the next street?

3. Your walking across the street or riding your bike at a designated cross walk where drivers are required to stop and let you walk across the road safely. Is the driver yielding to me or not?

As you can see, that front brake light might be that little bit of extra information to help make the roads safer for us all.

By reading this post you have automatically agreed to provide me with a transferable royalty with no expiration for 90% of all future gross sales of the front brake light.

Just kidding on the royalty, but if this blog inspired you to create it, please do contact us.

The Genographic Project

Saturday, October 17, 2009 posted by mattadmin

The Genographic Project is one of the most amazing studies done on the origins of man. The Y chromosome found in males gets passed on from generation to generation without genetic mutation. Dr. Spencer Wells, using the Y chromosome, has taken blood and other samples to track the DNA of all human ancestry.

The results of this study are amazing and tons of information can be found on the National Geographic Genographic Project website. The study was led by Dr. Spencer Wells with sponsorship from National Geographic and IBM. The best part is that YOU can participate and trace your lineage back to the very beginnings of scientific Adam and scientific Eve.

So why is this research so important, why is it so amazing? It’s so amazing because of the results. We are ALL decedents of the African Bantu tribe from almost 60,000 years ago or 2000 generations. Some 50,000 years ago, a small group of our ancestors decided to go on a journey. Little did they know that their journey would populate the world.

This research is so important because it shows that we are all brothers and sisters. We are all different, but also all connected.  We live in different countries, practice different religions, and the color of our skin is even different, but the science is showing that we are all related and we are all humans.

Obama, Hurry Up On the War in Afghanistan

Thursday, October 15, 2009 posted by mattadmin

Fox News reported last night that requests for troop increases have been sitting on the presidents desk since August. It is now the middle of October, troop deaths are on the rise, and the president doesn’t even have a strategy yet. As president, if there is an active war, it should be your top priority unless there is a crisis. We obviously had a huge economic crisis with a collapse in the American financial system so we can safely rank that priority number one and then the war should be second on the priority list.

Since August, Obama and his administration have had the war on the back burner campaigning for healthcare reform, the Chicago Olympics in 2016, and various other detours like a trip to New Orleans to talk about Katrina today. Healthcare is important, but not more important then have a war strategy already in place. The war definitely should not be pushed behind the Chicago Olympics, which was a complete failure. Chicago was eliminated first and Chicagoans were split as to whether they even really wanted the Olympics in their city… check out this web site: Obama is from Chicago so it’s understandable that he would want to support it, but if you have more pressing issues like the lives of soldiers and the future security of the country, maybe you can leave the campaigning to Oprah.

A strategy is needed, it’s needed now, and we need to finish what we started and get it done quickly. I would recommend more “shock and awe”. Send troops, drones, special forces, and get the war done. Spend more in the short-term, wrap it up, and save in the long-term.

DIY Cool Little Projector

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 posted by mattadmin

Quick little post on seeing a problem and doing something about it. I bought this projector from Dell because it is so small and portable when traveling. When you read the reviews or actually try to use it, not being able to adjust the projector up or down was a huge problem, especially when trying to make a presentation happen for a client. I knew there was a way to fix it so I started brainstorming and came up with this…


I figured why not add a tripod? Most digital cameras and video cameras come with a port on the bottom to attached a tripod, big or small, and that’s all the projector really needs. I was able to use industrial strength epoxy to attach a bolt to the bottom of the projector that would allow the tripod to attach and poof, the little guy now adjusts and works fantastic.

The point here is this… trying to make something better, solving a problem, or other ideas are good to pursue and then share with others. The Internet provides all kinds of resources to share with others so take advantage of it. There is no such thing as a bad idea.

Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 posted by mattadmin

The Krispy Kreme donut burger… is this a joke? No it is not and maybe this is what’s wrong with healthcare in America. Check it out for yourself on CBS.

World’s Unhealthiest Burger

World’s Unhealthiest Burger

What more can you say, over a thousand calories in a single burger. If it’s your only meal of the day, maybe your body won’t go into shock after eating this. Wow!

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