The Hidden Force, People’s Ability to Want

Monday, December 14, 2009 posted by mattadmin

It may sound selfish at times, but wanting may actually be a good thing.” Thing” may not even be the correct word choice, rather wanting could be a force that drives our lives, economies, our future, and more.

Think about how often you want something throughout a day. When you get up in the morning, you may not want to go to work, but you probably want coffee, maybe a donut and a bagel with cream cheese. For lunch you want something, you may want a snack or drink throughout points in the day, something for dinner, etc. You probably have a show you want to watch, a phone call you want to make or website you want to check out. Maybe you want to read a book, play a sport, or go see a show or concert.  The point is that we want everyday and we want all the time.

There are even much bigger things we want. We have career goals, we want relationships whether friends or intimate, we want pets, we want kids, we want houses and cars, the list is endless. Economics is the study of markets and supply and demand. That demand is made up of our wants. Yes, we do have needs, but most of us have wants and we have them all the time. Count them up tomorrow or think back about today and think of all the things you wanted just today.

America was founded on wants as settlers wanted a new life while our founding fathers wanted freedom for all. Ultimately, all the wants of this nation are a contributing factor to the tremendous growth and prosperity this country has experienced in such a short amount of time.

So the question is… does all this wanting propel our economy and is it a hidden force that drives innovation, growth, and wealth in this nation and others? The answer quite simply is Yes. What else could have driven this nation so quickly besides our wants. So can our wants be measured and can it be quantified into an economic indicator, almost like a confidence level? Well during booms people want and spend more while during busts they want less, save more, and try to pay off debts. So maybe a survey of what people want can quantify this hidden force with our economy and economies of the world.

Do other countries want as much as Americans? Does America attract people who want? Does wanting create turnover in our economy? Does wanting create technological and medical innovations? The questions go on and on, but if you research any major accomplish in any time period you will find someone who wanted that accomplishment and if they didn’t want it, it probably would have never happened.

There is obviously a study that needs to be conducted here and if you have plans or want to study this please contact us as we would be interested in helping.

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