Abortion, Symptom or Problem

Sunday, January 10, 2010 posted by mattadmin

Abortion is a very sensitive subject to a lot of people. Votes are cast for one person or another on this issue alone in many cases, protests occur every day somewhere on this issue, and some have even died or been killed over this issue.

It is time to agree to disagree and start putting effort and other resources towards the real problem. We should be fighting rape, premarital sex and the other situations that force people to choose to abort or not. The issue is very controversial and how do you know what is really right? Can a man even really have an opinion on this issue since men cannot give birth? At what stage is life with a soul really present? There are a lot of extremely difficult questions and concerns with this issue.

Ultimately, arguing over the issue does nothing and everyone should be able to agree that prevention is very important. So let’s start taking the position that the key to abortion is to prevent it. Let’s educate, allocate resources, and start to shift the focus and be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to abortion.

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