Community Service In Exchange For Welfare And Other Government Handouts

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 posted by mattadmin

We recently posted about a welfare cell phone program and that got us thinking, should we just give subsidies away for free or should we get something positive in return? Disney is giving away tickets to their theme parks for a day of community service, so maybe we should ask this of those taking advantage of welfare and other programs like Medicare / Medicaid. If you need help from your fellow citizens, you should have to give some back to others in need.

It doesn’t have to be a huge obligation, but what about 8 hours per month with exceptions for individuals who are not capable of sparring 8 hours per month. A single mother of 5 or a disabled veteran might not be able to volunteer, but if you’re an able-bodied American collecting unemployment, getting subsidized healthcare, or a free cell phone you should have to give back to the community that gave to you as a volunteer.

Volunteers are always in high demand. Who knows, getting out there and volunteering for 8 hours while collecting unemployment could actually help you create a relationship that leads to full time work.

Almost 30% of Americans volunteer is some capacity or another each year, which is a good number, but there is always a demand for more volunteers. Here are some sites worth checking out about volunteering:

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3 Responses to “Community Service In Exchange For Welfare And Other Government Handouts”

  1. Beth says:

    What about an hour of government service for every 100 dollars spent on them AND a mandatory drug test. Little skill needed to hold a “stop” or “slow” sign for the department of Transportation.

  2. Greg says:

    Wow so some people don’t look into these things at all. Im a 21 year old able-bodied father of 2. I do receive assistance(welfare, food stamps and medicaid) but there are many stipulations. First off, for me to get above the poverty line i would have to make $16+ per hour. That’s not going to come close for my generation who is left to clean up the mess of a country my parents’ generation left behind. But that’s a different story. I have stipulations to keep these benefits. I was working 3 jobs. A full-time 3rd shift job and 2 part time jobs that varied from 1st and 2nd. Putting in 60+ hours a week and not coming close to being out of poverty, so the county helps me out. Granted some people find loopholes, but i have to work a minimum of 35 hours per week. If i don’t, the rest is made up in community service. Glad i can shed some light on a question you asked which is already answered.

  3. mattadmin says:

    Greg, did you see this?

    “… with exceptions for individuals who are not capable of sparring 8 hours per month.”

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